MIME application/json

MIME type: Application
MIME Subtype : JSON (JavaScript object notation)

Mime application/json denotes the presence of Javascript Object Notation. Javascript is a text-based and platform-independent scripting language. It has a light and pure text-based framework used for creating dynamic elements within any webpage.

More about mime application/json

JavaScript Object Notation is based on the platform-independent and text-based JavaScript programming language. JSON is a customized application based on the JavaScript coding standards that allows handling serialized structured data. Today, there is growing popularity of AJAX web applications. JSON is used extensively for AJAX application programming.

Many programming languages have built in features to read and compile JSON coding, which makes the format versatile and platform independent.

Applications to open or view .json files

JSON file type is mainly text-based and it runs across platforms. This means that it can be opened and viewed as well as edited through any text editors across any operating system.

Security Concerns with mime application/json

JSON deals with serialization of data and is vulnerable to be exploited. Through JSON a JavaScript interpreter can directly fetch data from the Internet and execute processes on that, which makes it a security risk needing close monitoring.

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